Thin Client

The Thin Client™ is an open, simple, and cost-effective PC alternative designed to easily display 1080p video from 30+ network video manufacturers.

The Thin Client is perfect for the dual purpose of displaying IP surveillance video and digital signage. The device is ideal in space constrained environments such as hospitals, banking, and retail, due to its easy setup and compact design.


The Thin Client supports over 30 network camera manufacturers, so it can easily be integrated into existing security deployments and new projects.


Installation takes less than five minutes with the capability to connect to iPhone & Android apps for remote control of cameras and multiple screen layouts.

Easy Video Playback and Export

The Thin Client pairs perfectly with the Airadio Airvms for easy surveillance video playback and export. This functionality of the Thin Client is ideal when you need a quick and low cost way to review and export surveillance footage for internal use or for review by authorities without sacrificing quality.

Lower Total Cost of Ownership

The Thin Client delivers the performance you need at a fraction of the cost. As a fanless, PoE powered product, the device draws 95 percent less energy than a Windows PC. Secure and simplified IT management reduces end user training that significantly reduces short and long term costs.