Face Recognition

Add an additional layer of security to any video surveillance deployment with Face Recognition. Face Recognition is ideally suited for securing facilities that require a stronger layer of protection for access control as well as alarm and search functionality when paired with Airadio Airvms.

Enjoy reliable facial reading designed for real-world security applications, regardless of changes in camera viewpoint, expression, facial hair, glasses, or poor lighting conditions. Security teams across all industries now have a tool that offers two-factor authentication for access control. Retailers can also protect property from repeat thieves through alert notifications.

How It’s Being Used

  • Save time and resources with a robust search functionality that lets users look for registered and unknown people in video. You can also simultaneously search across multiple cameras, and filter search results by match score or date and time.
  • Face Recognition is part of two-factor authentication processes for access control applications that require an added layer of security protection
  • Retailers and casinos are applying Face Recognition to cameras to fight repeat thieves by placing pictures of known thieves on a block list
  • Combat terrorism at airports, train stations, and other critical infrastructure locations by placing known terror suspects on a predetermined block list