License Plate Recognition

Automatic License Plate Recognition (ALPR) system enables property managers, governments, retailers, and law enforcement departments to automatically track, record, and report vehicle license plates with high accuracy. With functionality for both analog and IP cameras, ALRP can seamlessly integrate into virtually any video surveillance network.

Enhance Parking Enforcement and Toll Collection

Track and log license plate numbers for automatic vehicle access control as a key tool for parking enforcement. Plate numbers and images can also be stored for future toll collection without the need for a round-the-clock parking attendant.

Heighten Property and Border Safety

ALPR delivers a new level of protection for securing your property. Automatically detect and index license plates and compare them to white and black lists for immediate front line protection against unwanted vehicles. Pairing ALPR with access control applications and archived black lists also creates the ideal solution for border crossings and security check points.

Leverage the Power of Data and Improve Customer Service

Take your customer service and business to the next level by leveraging customer license plate information. Identify customers as they enter your property and alert the customer service team with the necessary information to provide excellent service, such as the customer’s name, reason for the appointment, and appointment history, all before speaking to the customer. This is the perfect solution for car dealerships and automotive repair shops.