Cyber Security Appliance

Tungsten is specifically designed to protect physical security networks, SCADA-based systems and safe-city applications. It provides iron-clad security with full control and customizable networking capabilities. Cutting-edge hardware, combined with network intelligence and policy enforcement software engines, create an effective tool for securing sites and installations.

Today, more and more physical security systems are connected to communication networks for monitoring and control. These connections leave systems vulnerable to cyber attack, and ultimately threaten national security and impact public safety.

Increasing numbers of attacks on physical security systems and SCADA networks deployed in critical infrastructure facilities must be addressed with a solution that can defend against a broad range of both physical and cyber threats.

Many new hazards have resulted from the growing institutional use of networked physical security elements. Surveillance cameras, access control systems, sensors and controllers are connected using Ethernet, IP and other technologies, and rely on unsecured communication networks deployed across the site, as well as in the field.

The use of these unsecured networks exposes the site to combined cyber and physical threats. For example:

  • Video streams from surveillance cameras can be intercepted or manipulated
  • Access control systems can be hacked to open gates and doors
  • Perimeter security sensors and controllers can be disabled or blinded
  • Industrial controllers and power distribution systems can be taken over and damaged