People Counter

There’s no longer a reason to rely on inaccurate, complex, and expensive third-party solutions to keep track of the number of people entering and exiting a store or facility where accurate people visitor counts are of the utmost importance.

People Counter is the perfect solution for highly accurate indoor people counting designed for entrances and exits. Through easily exported reporting, it’s simple to identify traffic trends and make decisions to improve safety, security, and loss prevention. People Counter is ideal for retail environments, schools, banks, recreational facilities, prisons, and airports.

Improve Loss Prevention and Safety

With People Counter’s on-camera reporting, it’s easy to keep track of the number of people who enter and exit in real-time. This is perfect for knowing if visitors to your property may still be in your facility after closing, helping to lower loss prevention and keep overnight staff safe. The user defined counting line and intelligent counting keeps accuracy high. As a camera-based video analytic, installation is very flexible and ensures data is as precise as possible.

Retail Business Intelligence

By monitoring in and out reports through People Counter’s dynamic reporting feature, it’s easy to identify visitor numbers and trends. Optimize staff numbers and ensure quality customer service, while keeping staffing costs low by knowing key days and times when store traffic is high. For retailers with multiple entrances, accurate people counting is perfect for knowing which entrances see higher traffic and have staff placed closest to the appropriate location.

Indoor people counting is also extremely helpful in providing the information needed to know if a promotion or event is helping drive sales by comparing accurate people counts with the day’s transaction rate. The business intelligence possibilities with the People Counter are very robust.

Small Hardware Footprint with High Accuracy

The People Counter video analysis and reporting is executed directly on the camera instead of a central server, drastically increasing the scalability of video analytics. This creates a small hardware footprint, requires minimal IT infrastructure, and lowers costs, while maintaining highly accurate people counts.