Airadio Airvms Mobile

Stay connected and never miss an important moment when it matters most with Airadio Airvms Mobile™.

Seamlessly connect to Airvms and an E4000 Physical Appliance from anywhere in the world on your smartphone or tablet. View and playback video, control pan-tilt-zoom (PTZ) cameras, manage I/O devices, receive alarm push notifications, and much more.

Respond to Incidents Immediately

Airvms Mobile allows security staff to respond to incidents quicker than ever before. With alarms and push notifications enabled, any security team can be alerted to an incident, such as trespassing or an unwanted vehicle, no matter if security staff are on or offsite all from their mobile phone or tablet.

Save Time and Money with Increased Efficiency

Airvms Mobile can cut the cost of time and money spent on dealing with false alarms with a quick look at a mobile phone. When an alarm is triggered, security operators—no matter where they are—can check their mobile device and verify if the alarm needs to be addressed with a quick review of the footage. This allows security staff to rule out false alarms and verify incidents instantly without the need to alert additional security staff for an incident response.