Certified Partner Training

Certified Partner Training takes you well beyond the basics to become an expert in Airvms products and services.

Partners looking to resell Airvms award-winning products must join either our Certified Partner Program or Authorized Partner Program. Click here for more information and to compare programs.

Certification Training

To join the Certified Partner program, two or more employees must complete the Airvms Certified System Engineer training course.

Certification training is completed in-class and is offered throughout the year at locations around the world.

To take this course:

  • Contact us to get started in our Certified Partner Program
  • Contact your distributor
  • Register for a training event
  • We will contact you with further details

Re-Certification Training

To remain in the Certified Partner program, your Airvms Certified System Engineers must complete an annual Re-Certification training course. This course will ensure your engineers are up-to-date on changes to Airvms Products and Services as well as bringing them up-to-speed on new offerings.

Re-Certification training is completed online via the Airvms Xnet Partner Portal.

To take this course:

  • Contact your distributor
  • Provide your distributor or Airvms with the Airvms Xnet usernames of the employees who will be taking the course
  • Your employees will be sent an invitation to complete training