Maintenance & Support

Take your security surveillance system further with dedicated support from the Airvms team. Whether you’re looking to maximize the performance of your video analytics, regular software updates, or priority technical support, Airvms Maintenance & Support is your best option.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re using Airvms, Airvms Analytics, E-Series Physical Security Appliance, or any other Airvms product, the Airvms team has the needed expertise to help you when you need support and advice the most. It doesn’t stop with technical support. Take a look at the key benefits of Airvms Maintenance & Support today.

Priority Support

Don’t be left on hold waiting for a knowledgeable technical support staff help diagnose and solve your issue. With Airvms Maintenance & Support, you will have a team of support agents and developers at your disposal to help alleviate any issue you may have. You will have:

  • Priority phone, email, and web support
  • Remote desktop assistance
  • Priority bug review

Best of all, our support staff can take the time to talk you through the setup, calibration, and optimization of any Airvms product from our world-class Airadio Airvms™ video management software to our video analytics and Airadio Thin Client™. We’re here to help you with any questions you may have, even when your system is already operating perfectly.

Complimentary Software Maintenance

With Maintenance & Support your Airvms video management system will always be up-to-date and running with the latest software at no additional cost. There’s no need to worry about making room in your budget to pay for a valuable and much needed system update when it’s already wrapped into your valuable Maintenance & Support package.

The software updates at your fingertips include:

  • New product features and system improvements
  • Access to short-cycle software releases that further enhance performance

Health Monitoring

Ensure your IP video surveillance system is operating at peak efficiency through routine Health Monitoring. You are able to view the status of your system servers and cameras through our partner portal, the Airvms Xnet. This is perfect for administrators who need to be consistently updated on the ongoing performance of your system. Health Monitoring can reduce critical downtime and help with key system decisions such as when hardware and software upgrades may be required.

Health Monitoring delivers information on:

  • System storage use
  • Health status of connected devices, such as cameras and servers
  • Important server information, including software version status

Cloud Backup

Find peace of mind knowing your server configurations are automatically backed up on our cloud system at regular intervals. This means that no matter what happens to your servers on the ground, you will never have to go through the costly and painstakingly process or reconfiguring your cameras or devices.