Powerful Video Analytics and Centralized Management for the Entertainment Industry

From popular nightclubs and hotels, to large stadiums and casinos, the entertainment industry must ensure the safety of millions of people every day and night.

The right security system can help monitor and manage entire spaces to reduce shrinkage and manage liability for altercations and accidents at any type of location.

Powerful video analytics can also strengthen security — and even improve customer service — at casino entrances to identify persons of interest or known guests.

Need to efficiently manage multiple sites from one central location? That’s what centralized IT management from the cloud is all about.

Airvms is tackling these problems head-on with a robust mixture of technology to help the entertainment industry — bars, nightclubs, casinos, hotels, stadiums — keep staff and guests safe, while fighting shrinkage, managing liability, and improving customer service.

Monitor and Secure Locations

Gather Intelligence About OperationsCentrally Manage Entire Systems
Protect staff and customers, manage liability, and monitor large spaces with a powerful, flexible security system.Collect valuable intelligence to improve customer service and security response time.Streamline IT operations in multi-site deployments with centralized cloud management to improve efficiency.

The Airvms Technology Ecosystem for Nightclubs, Casinos, Stadiums, and Hotels

Airvms, our highly scalable, easy-to-use video management software (VMS) also delivers a lower total cost of ownership (TCO). It integrates with existing infrastructure and grows with evolving needs.

Airvms, with its native suite of powerful video analytics, and Airvms Enterprise Manager, a centralized IT management platform to monitor system health and update software, are at the heart of turning any security system into an active member of security staff.

Use Business Intelligence for Growth and Facility Management

Learn about customer behavior and improve the decision-making process at all levels of management. Empower people to make the right decisions at the right time and turn information into insights. Also, alerts immediately notify security staff via email or text message, improving response time, and staff and public safety.

Airvms Indoor People Tracker
Generate heat maps to understand traffic flow. Experiment with site layouts to optimize traffic flow during an event.
Airvms License Plate Recognition (ALPR)
Manage private parking facilities for large stadiums to grant or deny vehicle access.

Face Recognition
Identify known trouble-makers in stadiums and block illegal gamblers in casinos. Also identify high-rollers and improve customer service.

Indoor people counting
Optimize entrances and exits in stadiums to manage traffic flow, or understand how many people are in a bar, nightclub, or casino at any given time. Manage specific areas inside a facility.
Crowd Detection
Whether in a stadium or a casino, identify when a crowd gathers and appropriately respond to the situation.

Airvms Thin Client: Deter Illegal Activity or Promote Your Brand with This Cost-effective Solution

The Airvms Thin Client is an efficient tool for displaying and reviewing surveillance footage. It deters potential trouble-makers with video display at the entrance of a stadium, nightclub, casino, or hotel. With an easy, five-minute installation, big cost savings, and access from a smartphone, it is a popular choice.

Airvms Physical Security Appliance: A Big Solution for a Small Space

Harness the Airvms ecosystem in one small package.  The Airvms Physical Security Appliance (PSA) is ideal for smaller bars or nightclubs needing up to 32 cameras. It has the option for video analytics, and no software installation required. The PSA can easily mount in space-constricted areas, making it powerful and convenient.